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Newcomer to the Montreal theater scene, The Pirate Panda Company is a student-powered company who plunders old treasures and brings them into a new light. We use old elements of theater, fiction or in whichever medium we find ourselves to show the essence of those traditions, and how they have been changed, masked or skewed by contemporary society. All while keeping light-hearted humour at the forefront of our message. Sailing is smoother with breezes of laughter.

Captain Pander Decken

Cursed with the quest of finding the perfect word, he has found able-bodied sailors to entertain his voyage. He mostly stays in his cabin for long journeys, but he's the first on port when rum and games are to be had. There is none who rallies a crew like our Captain.

Marc Khoury

Head Scribe and the Captain's left hand, he archives the tales lived and heard during voyages so they can be retold by many. He's had a pen in his hand since before birth, and has recently trained at Concordia University in Montreal.

Read some of his works

Cynthia Loutfi

Head Everything Else and the Captain's right hand, she keeps the sailors working and navigates the ship when Captain Decken retires to his cabin (which is most of the time). Her first cry as a baby was a melody, and has slowly but surely brought her musical talents to the stage and into our hearts.
You've seen her as: many characters, Les Pas Perdus (2006). Miss Rosita, Completement Con (2007). Sally, The Strange World of Mister Jack (2008). Tobias, Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2009).



> WHAT_ Who is Aristippus? follows the schemes of Aristippus of Cyrene (Maïza Dubhé), a wanderer in search of parts to repair his robot servant, Harlebot (Jonathan Cortes). Upon arrival in a small town, he meets the owner of a robot shop, Leon (Mike Melino) and strikes a deal with him to attempt to turn his lesbian daughter Sapphia (Tracy Allan) to heterosexuality in exchange for repairing the robot. Yet jealousy rears its ugly head when Sapphia’s servant Joan (Natalie Chaya) is stopped from attaining her heart’s desire. Based on the Commedia Dell'arte masks and mixed with a philosophical foundation, the play traverses interpretations of gender, humanity and automation to end in a transcendence of all these concepts, which are the naked beings that don all these masks.
(Playwright: Marc Khoury, Director: Philippe Gobeille)

The play visually emphasizes this relationship between past and future
in our culture by adopting Steampunk themes. This movement, already gaining popularity, mixes our technological ideas with the ornate looks of the Victorian Era. The costumes were designed by Lisa Abi-Chedid, Montreal fashion designer, and the scenography by renowned artist Jaber Lutfi and Concordia graduate engineer Maxime Loutfi.
Club Espagnol
4388 Boul. St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec, H2W 1Z5


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Crew Show?A pre-show for the Pirate Panda crew, media and volunteers. You're all invited to join the fun!

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